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Apple preorder pitfalls: Why you shouldn’t buy these three products

04 May 21 | Apple, Mac

Each time Apple reveals a slate of new products, it’s tempting to take the wad of cash burning a hole […]

Will the Apple naysayers ever learn?

04 May 21 | AIrpods, Apple, China, iPhone X, Mac

Last week, Apple announced its financial results for the first calendar quarter of the year and if you had read […]

Money talks: Apple’s quarterly report is filled with clues about what’s coming next

03 May 21 | Apple, Mac

Every three months financial analysts and journalists tune in to hear Apple report its quarterly results with the hopes that […]

Apple Weekly Update: All the OSes, all the new stuff, all the cash

01 May 21 | Apple, Mac

While we here at Macworld read and write about Apple all week long, we totally get that you might not. But since […]

What’s coming next: Every Apple is still working on for 2021

01 May 21 | Apple, Mac

Apple’s Spring Loaded event absolutely lived up to its name, bringing a slew of new products, from the colorful 24-inch […]

How to be the first to get the new 24-inch iMac, iPad Pro and Apple TV 4K

30 Apr 21 | Apple, Mac

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting your chance to buy Apple’s new 24-inch iMac, iPad Pro, or Apple TV 4K, the big […]

EU Charges Apple with App Store Antitrust Violations

30 Apr 21 | Apple, Dev, iOS, iPadOS, Mobile, Windows

The European Commission has formally charged Apple with antitrust violations related to its mobile app store on the iPhone and […]

How the heck did Apple make so much money last quarter?

29 Apr 21 | Apple, iPad, Mac

The last few years, Apple has been on such a ride that it can be hard to put it into […]