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iPad Sales Fell in Q2, But It Still Dominates

The market researchers at Canalys claim that iPad sales fell slightly in Q2 2021, but the platform still easily dominates […]

Chromebook Sales Grew 75 Percent in Q2

The market researchers at Canalys reported this week that Chromebook sales grew an astonishing 75 percent in Q2 2021. By […]

Throwback: My First Laptop Review (Premium)

29 Jul 21 | Hardware, Mobile, Premium, Windows

Over 20 years ago, in January 2001, I published my first-ever laptop review in a column for my weekly Windows […]

Samsung Earnings Beat Expectations

Source: Getty Images The world’s largest maker of smartphones reported an operating profit of $10.8 billion on revenues of $55.2 […]

Qualcomm Earnings Surged 63 Percent in Q2 2021

28 Jul 21 | Hardware, Mobile, Qualcomm, Windows

Qualcomm reported that it earned a net income of $2 billion on revenues of $8 billion for the quarter ending […]

HP Elite Dragonfly Max Review

While its name suggests a larger model, the Elite Dragonfly Max is more properly identified as a maxed-out, third-generation version […]

AMD Revenues Doubled in the Previous Quarter

27 Jul 21 | AMD, Hardware, Mobile, Windows

Chipset maker AMD reported today that it earned a net income of $710 million on revenues of $3.8 billion in […]

Intel Delivers a New Product Roadmap

27 Jul 21 | Hardware, Intel, Mobile, Windows

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel Corporation, speaks during a virtual presentation as part of the “Intel Accelerated” event on July […]