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Epic v. Apple: Judge rules Apple must allow apps to offer other payment methods

10 Sep 21 | Apple, Gaming, Legal, Mac

Update 2 pm ET: Apple general counsel Katherine Adams has issued a statement praising the ruling. The big Epic Games […]

Xbox controller update will make it easier to use for iPhone and iPad gaming

08 Sep 21 | Gaming, Mac

Microsoft is testing a new Xbox controller firmware that will make it a lot easier to use with iPhones and […]

Tetris Beat, Monster Hunter Stories coming soon to Apple Arcade

20 Jul 21 | Gaming, Mac

This spring, Apple relaxed the rules around Apple Arcade a bit. It found a way to bring games that already […]

Apple Arcade FAQ: ‘Game Dev Story+’ and ‘Frenzic: Overtime’ have been released

18 Jun 21 | Gaming, Mac, Personal Software

Gaming subscription services are all the rage now, but Apple Arcade isn’t quite like Google Stadia or Xbox Live. So […]

Apple Arcade: ‘Farm It!’ and ‘Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game’ are now available

26 Mar 21 | Gaming, Mac, Personal Software

Apple’s new Apple Arcade subscription-based gaming service is basically Apple’s way of helping customers sort through the chaff in the […]

Microsoft Announces First Gaming Event for 2021

 With the launch of the Xbox Series X and S now behind us, many gamers are looking ahead to […]

Halo Infinite To Release in the Fall of 2021

After going silent for a couple of months, the team behind the delayed Halo Infinite is opening up about new […]

Minecraft with RTX Exits Beta, Tops Streaming Charts

08 Dec 20 | Games, Gaming, Minecraft, Windows, Xbox

Earlier this year, NVIDIA and Mojang showed off Minecraft with ray-tracing enabled and not long after, the company began offering […]