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Google Pushes Sustainability in Maps, Nest, and Flights

06 Oct 21 | Cloud, Google, Microsoft, Windows

Google has unveiled a new push in its sustainability initiative and has updated services like Maps, Nest, and Flights to […]

Hands-On with the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse

The Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse is made of 20 percent recycled ocean plastic, and it comes in a 100 percent […]

Microsoft Office 2021 for Mac without a subscription lands October 5

Apparently, this is a big week for productivity suites. On Tuesday, Apple unveiled major updates to iWork, and we end the […]

Brad Smith is Now the Vice Chairman of Microsoft

15 Sep 21 | Microsoft, Windows

The Microsoft board of directors has approved company president Brad Smith to be its new vice chairman. He will continue […]

Grammarly Launches its First Developer SDK

Grammarly is a must-have utility for all web and mobile users and now it’s going to get even broader support […]

Microsoft No Longer Plans a Return to Office Date

09 Sep 21 | COVID-19, Microsoft, Windows

Bowing to the inevitable, Microsoft revealed today that it no longer has a timetable for its employees to return to […]

Historical Microsoft Relics Found in Smithsonian and Google Museums

03 Sep 21 | Beta, Google, Microsoft, Windows

If you could pick anywhere on earth to roam freely for a day with unfettered access, where would you pick? […]

Microsoft’s Magical $800 Deck of Playing Cards

What do Microsoft, magician David Blaine, and a deck of playing cards have in common? Better yet, what business does […]