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Apple Maps lists your location incorrectly? Here’s how to report it

No map is perfect; all are approximations. But it’s galling to business owners when a modern digital map lists the […]

Launch-day bug affects millions of iPhones, but there’s an instant fix

24 Sep 21 | iOS, iPhone, Mac

If you’re one of the millions of happy Apple fans getting a new iPhone 13 or iPad mini today, you […]

Learn these iPhone 13 gestures to tap and swipe like a pro

24 Sep 21 | Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPhone X, Mac, Smartphones

Since the iPhone 13 is mostly screen, getting around requires a little finger dexterity. Everything from the navigation to customization […]

No iOS 15, no problem: Apple releases iOS 12.5.5 security update

23 Sep 21 | iOS, iPhone, Mac

Which the chatter nowadays is all about the latest versions of the iPhone and iOS, there are a ton of […]

Macworld Podcast: iPhone 13 and iOS 15 first impressions

23 Sep 21 | iOS, iPhone, Mac

It’s that time of year again! The new iPhone is here! We just got them and on this episode of […]

iOS 15.1: Beta 1 is released with SharePlay and vaccine cards in Wallet

21 Sep 21 | iOS, Mac

Just one day after the release of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, Apple has begun beta-testing iOS 15.1. The first […]

Future iPhones may be able to detect depression, cognitive decline

While rumors about future health and fitness features usually pertain to the Apple Watch, a report in The Wall Street […]

iOS 15: How to move the Safari address bar back to the top

21 Sep 21 | iOS, Mac

In iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey, Apple has dramatically redesigned Safari for the first time in years. The […]