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Programming Windows: Hello, WinRT (Premium)

Programming Windows: Hello, WinRT (Premium) – Premium To prove this, I examined the code that Charles Petzold provided for […]

Programming Windows: Highs and Lows (Premium)

Programming Windows: Highs and Lows (Premium) – Premium 2010 was an interesting year for Microsoft: in the wake of […]

Programming Windows: 7 (Premium)

Programming Windows: 7 (Premium) – Premium At the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2005, Bill Gates had noted that Microsoft […]

Programming Windows: iPhone (Premium)

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in the late 1990s, he initially focused on saving the failing company by fixing […]

The WPF Notepad Project (2022): It’s (A)live! (Premium)

The WPF Notepad Project (2022): It’s (A)live! (Premium) – Premium After a review by Rafael, my updated C#/Windows Presentation […]

Programming Windows: The Windows 7 Developer Story (Premium)

After the first public demonstration of Windows 7 at PDC 2008, Steven Sinofsky ceded the stage to Scott Guthrie for […]

Programming Windows: Software + Services (Premium)

Most didn’t appreciate it at the time, but the 2008 Professional Developers Conference (PDC) was an inflection point for Microsoft, […]

Programming Windows: The Mojave Experiment (Premium)

In 2006, Apple started a TV advertising campaign called “Get a Mac” that pitted hapless and fat John Hodgman (“I’m […]