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Quick Update on the Next Book

28 Jan 23 | Dev, Paul, Windows

I haven’t settled on a name yet, but it looks like the next book—a technical history of Windows—will be quite […]

Google Reveals What’s Next for Flutter and Dart

25 Jan 23 | Dart, Dev, Flutter, Windows

In Nairobi for the Flutter Forward developer event, Google’s Tim Sneath revealed what’s next for the Flutter cross-platform UI toolkit […]

The Next Book

24 Jan 23 | Dev, Microsoft, Windows

I’ve been working to adapt the Programming Windows series, which is really a tech-centric history of Windows, into a book. […]

Microsoft is Adding ChatGPT to Its New Azure Open AI Service

Microsoft will soon expand access to ChatGPT through its new Azure OpenAI service, which is now generally available. OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot […]

Small Bytes: Rust (Premium)

15 Jan 23 | Dev, Premium, Rust, Small Bytes, Windows

Even non-programmers have likely heard of Rust, a programming language that’s taken the developer world by storm. If not, consider […]

Google Releases Android Studio Electric Eel

Google today announced the release of Android Studio Electric Eel, the next major version of its integrated development environment. Today, […]

GitHub Actions Adds Required Workflows and Configuration Variables

12 Jan 23 | Dev, GitHub, Windows

GitHub announced that it is adding two new features to GitHub Actions that will help with help standardizing policies and […]

Small Bytes: Get Started with TypeScript (Premium)

Without knowing any better, I assumed it would be easy—automatic even—to get started with TypeScript using Visual Studio Code. But […]