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Surface is Back, Baby (Premium)

Surface is Back, Baby (Premium) – Premium After years of glacial release cycles and a weird aversion to superior […]

More Mobile: First Steps (Premium)

More Mobile: First Steps (Premium) – Premium This past week, I wrote about my latest attempt to move to […]

Ask Paul: September 17 (Premium)

17 Sep 21 | Ask Paul, Paul, Premium, Windows

Ask Paul: September 17 (Premium) – Premium On this episode of Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy, no wait. It’s […]

What Apple Didn’t Highlight During Its September Event (Premium)

This week’s Apple event was typical for Apple in that it was big on hyperbole, but it was also atypical […]

More Mobile? (Premium)

With an eye on a more mobile future, I’ve been experimenting with alternative PC setups for both productivity and entertainment. […]

Ask Paul: September 10 (Premium)

10 Sep 21 | Ask Paul, Paul, Premium, Windows

Happy Friday! With the hottest summer in the history of summers finally winding down, here’s another great set of reader […]

Ask Paul: September 3 (Premium)

03 Sep 21 | Ask Paul, Paul, Premium, Windows

With summer drawing to a close and a big month coming up for Microsoft, it’s no surprise that this week’s […]

Lying Liars Who Lie (Premium)

I appreciate many Apple and Google products and services, but their stance on mobile app store fees isn’t just wrong, […]