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Google Quietly Gives Up on URL Shortening in Chrome

11 Jun 21 | Google Chrome, Windows

After a year-long test in which it received nothing but complaints from users, Google has given up on automatic URL […]

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla Partner on Browser Extensions

The makers of the world’s most popular web browsers are teaming up to improve the security and usability of browser […]

Google is Embracing RSS. Again.

19 May 21 | Google Chrome, Windows

It’s the technology that just won’t die, and for good reason: It works. So now Chrome is going to surface […]

Google Chrome Now Fixes Your Compromised Passwords

18 May 21 | Android, Google Chrome, Windows

Google Chrome is expanding on the web browser’s password safety features by automatically fixing compromised passwords for you. “Starting today, […]

Chrome OS 90 is Now Available on Chromebooks

Google has announced the release of Chrome OS 90, which brings several useful new features to Chromebook users. “Chromebooks are […]

DuckDuckGo’s Browser Extension Blocks FLoC Now

DuckDuckGo announced yesterday that it has updated its web browser extension to block Google’s new FLoC tracking method in Chrome. […]

Microsoft and Google Partner on Web Browser Compatibility

Microsoft and Google announced today that they are partnering to identify and fix the top incompatibility issues on the web. […]

Google Brings Live Captioning to Google Chrome

18 Mar 21 | Google Chrome, Windows

A new Chrome feature called Live Caption leverages machine learning to bring captions to content across platforms on the web. […]