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More Mobile: First Steps (Premium)

More Mobile: First Steps (Premium) – Premium This past week, I wrote about my latest attempt to move to […]

More Mobile? (Premium)

With an eye on a more mobile future, I’ve been experimenting with alternative PC setups for both productivity and entertainment. […]

Momentum Plus Adds Soundscapes

While traveling this past week, I noticed that Momentum Plus, the paid New Tab extension that I use, added a […]

What I Use: Mexico 2021 (Premium)

We drove through the desert in a car with no name. We road in a hot air balloon. We sailed […]

What I Use: Mexico City (Premium)

For our first international trip in almost two years, we’re visiting Mexico City, which can stand proudly alongside Paris as […]

What I Use: Charlotte, North Carolina 2021 (Premium)

It’s been an interesting few months of tentative travel after spending most of the previous year stuck in and near […]

The Downgrade Test: OnePlus 9 Pro vs. Google Pixel 4a 5G (Premium)

The Downgrade Test: OnePlus 9 Pro vs. Google Pixel 4a 5G (Premium) – Premium On the surface, it’s not […]

What I Use: OneDrive Folder Backup (Premium)

I use OneDrive extensively. Thanks to my Microsoft 365 Family account and its addition 1 TB of data per user, […]