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Apple Introduces New MagSafe Wireless Charger for iPhone 12

Posted October 13, 2020 | Apple | Hardware | iOS | MagSafe | Mobile | Windows

Apple is bringing back its popular MagSafe branding, but it’s not the way you would expect. The company is today launching two new wireless chargers for the iPhone 12 under the MagSafe branding.

The new chargers, called the MagSafe Charger, and the MagSafe Duo Charger, are two new wireless chargers designed specifically for the iPhone 12 line. The new chargers take advantage of an interesting new addition on the iPhone 12.

The new devices include a magnet mechanism on the back, enabling chargers like the new MagSafe wireless chargers to attach magnetically to the phones. The MagSafe Duo Charger allows users to charge their iPhone 12, as well as their Apple Watch at once. It supports up to 15W of charging. The idea here is that the magnets on the back of the iPhone 12 will allow the device to position itself on wireless chargers in a way that will enable efficient and performant wireless charging.

The company also confirmed that the iPhone 12 will not ship with power adapters in the box, it will, however, ship with a USB-C to Lightning cable, which will enable faster charging.  Apple will also introduce other accessories that take advantage of this new magnetic system, including back covers, sleeves, and much more.

You can check out the MagSafe accessories here. 

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