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Microsoft’s New Surface with ARM Chip Leaks, Along With new Laptop and Pro

Posted October 1, 2019 | ARM | Hardware | LTE | Microsoft | Surface | Surface Pro | Windows

We are a few days away from Microsoft’s Surface event but the party is getting started a little bit early. Images of the new Surface tablet with an ARM chip, two new laptops, and the updated Pro, have found their way to the web.

The new device that is likely to gain the most attention, images come from @evleaks, is the new Surface tablet that has an ARM chip inside. You can clearly see that it has thinner bezels, two USB-C ports, and the overall profile of the device is much thinner, based on the images, than a traditional Surface Pro.

As you would expect with a Surface device, the hardware will support a pen that has an updated design. And there is also a new Type cover as well, that will round out the device to have a similar form and function as a Surface Pro but with an ARM chip inside.

Other items that are on the agenda are updated Surface Laptops. From the images, you can see that the larger device does not have Alcantara on the keyboard. In addition, look for USB-C to be making its way to the Laptop as well.

For the Surface Pro 7, there are new colors but the bigger update is that the device now has USB-C along with a Type-A port. And of course, expect updated internals as well.

And finally, there will be new accessories announced including a new Arc touch mouse in various matching colors, a new pen dock that will be used to recharge the device, and new colors for the company’s mobile mouse; you can find more images of the device from @evleaks twitter feed.

This is a sizable leak of the hardware ahead of Microsoft’s keynote this week. Not uncovered is the heavily anticipated Centarus device or any updates to Windows that have been rumored as well. While this leak gives us an early look at the hardware, I suspect Microsoft may have a few more tricks up their sleeve.

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