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Microsoft Patent Details Hinge Design for Dual-Screen Surface Device

Posted September 13, 2019 | Centaurus | Hardware | Hinged Surface | Microsoft | Microsoft Surface | Patent | Surface | Windows

Microsoft’s been working on a dual-screen Surface device for a while, and that’s no secret. We have seen patents for a hinged, dual-screen device from the company from as early as 2017, and there have been some other patents detailing Microsoft’s design plans for such a device. And now, there’s a new patent from the company that details a hinged device with two displays in greater detail.

The patent was first filled in March, but it was published this Thursday on the public domain, as first noticed by WindowsUnited.

The patent describes a device with a flexible display, secure to both the portions of the device. The hinge, which the patent heavily focuses on, facilitates the use of a single flexible display. The patent also describes how the hinge is engineered to reduce the stress on the flexible display when the device is folded. It also talks a lot about the technical components involved to make the hinge work with the flexible OLED display.

There are a bunch of different drawings that show off all the different parts of the hinge as well as the device itself. The inventor of the patent has also designed a number of other similar patents for a hinged device in the past.

Although Microsoft’s foldable Surface device, codenamed Centaurus, has been in the works for a while, no one really knows when Microsoft will actually launch this new device. Current rumours suggest Microsoft will reveal the new device at its Surface event on October 2.

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