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Amazon Embraces Hybrid Work

11 Oct 21 | Amazon, Windows

Amazon now says that it will leave remote work decisions to individual team leaders after failing to establish a new […]

EU regulators said to be asking Teams rivals about Microsoft's bundling practices, per Slack's 2020 complaint

08 Oct 21 | Windows

Credit: Microsoft In mid-2020, Slack filed an antitrust complaint against Microsoft in the European Union (EU) about Microsoft’s practice of […]

Microsoft acquires objectives and key results vendor and plans to add it to Viva

07 Oct 21 | Windows

Credit: Microsoft ZDNet Recommends The best cloud storage services Free and cheap personal and small business cloud storage services are […]

Hands-On with the Surface Pro Signature Keyboard

In many ways, the new Signature Keyboard for Surface Pro 8 isn’t a major update when compared to Type Covers […]

First Ring Daily 1130: Ocean Mice

On this episode of First Ring Daily, mice from the ocean, Pixels in October, and haptics in the pen. The […]

Mozilla Firefox is Coming to the Microsoft Store

Mozilla this week updated Firefox across desktop and mobile, and the firm revealed that the browser is coming to the […]

Twitch Suffers from Massive Leak

06 Oct 21 | Amazon, Games, Twitch, Windows

According to a report, Amazon’s Twitch gaming service has been hacked, with the attacker leaking the service’s source code and […]

Google Pushes Sustainability in Maps, Nest, and Flights

06 Oct 21 | Cloud, Google, Microsoft, Windows

Google has unveiled a new push in its sustainability initiative and has updated services like Maps, Nest, and Flights to […]