Best Costco Bakery Items At Christmas And The Holidays

There are two very clear standouts this year...

I love anything coffee-flavored, so I had high hopes for this tiramisu-flavored cake. It looks gorgeous, with its layers of coffee syrup-soaked ladyfingers and cream cheese mascarpone filling, and it slices like a dream. Plus, its resealable container makes leftovers easy to store. Cake Board And Box

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get past its artificial flavor, which overpowered the whole thing. I assume the coffee and rum flavors in the syrup are to blame. If you like the sugary seasonal syrups at Starbucks, this cake might be for you. But as a fan of black coffee, it didn't do it for me.

It’s not just its size that makes this pecan pie a showstopper. The top is super glossy, the crust is perfectly crimped, and the filling is impressively thick. But while the flavor was enjoyable, the center of the pie was a little too runny for my taste. Plus, the gooey consistency made it hard to cut clean slices.

Since I still have a few leftover slices, I’m planning on freezing them. And honestly, a frozen slice might just be the secret: more like a candy bar and less like goo.

This colorful assortment is far more interesting than most store-bought trays. Set it out at a party, share it with the office, or bring ‘em to a cookie swap if you don’t have time to bake. The price has gone up since last year ($13.99 instead of $9.99), but it’s still a good deal for 44 cookies.

Each box contains five varieties: a lemon shortbread topped with green sprinkles, a classic sugar cookie covered in red sprinkles (this one replaced the ginger molasses cookie from last year), a powdered sugar-coated cookie that looks like a snowball cookie but is actually a soft walnut brownie, a holiday candy cookie that tastes underbaked in a good way, and a chewy coconut almond chocolate cookie (my least favorite).

Overall, they were good but didn't wow me — but I like that there's a little something for everyone.

First things first: Don't be fooled by the word "mini." Sure, these cakes are smaller than 9-inch rounds, but because of the way they’re frosted and decorated, they look more like ginormous cupcakes.

Bakery Box Bulk I think their fun presentation will make them a hit with any crowd. Plus, the cream cheese frosting isn’t too sweet, and the cake itself is soft and moist. But I found myself searching for more flavor with every bite, which is why they're not ranked higher.