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Report: Chromebook Success Continues into 2021

06 May 21 | Chrome OS, Chromebook, Windows

A new report from the market researchers at Canalys claims that Chromebook sales surged 275 percent in the first quarter […]

Microsoft Doesn’t Make a Profit on Xbox Consoles

06 May 21 | Windows, Xbox

A Microsoft executive admitted during the Apple v. Epic court case that the software giant’s console business has never been […]

Celebrate World Password Day by locking down your Apple devices

06 May 21 | Mac, Mobile Security

Today is World Password Day and if you’re using an iPhone—and most likely you are—you have a lot to celebrate. […]

Getting started with 2FA: Add an extra layer of protection to your passwords

06 May 21 | Mac, Security

Millions of users have their online accounts compromised every day. Password lists are traded on the dark web, and bad […]

How to master your passwords using iCloud Keychain

If you’re not using iCloud Keychain on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you should definitely turn it on. It’s basically […]

Google Compromises on Remote Work

05 May 21 | Google, Windows

After employees balked at Google’s aggressive return to work schedule, the online giant said that it would implement a flexible […]

HP Elite Folio First Impressions

Announced at CES 2021, the HP Elite Folio is a spiritual successor to the HP Spectre Folio that I reviewed […]

More Problems for Stadia

05 May 21 | Games, Google Stadia, Windows

There’s some more bad news for Google Stadia this week: Product lead John Justice has left Google, followed by six […]

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