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Google is well-known for its search engine, email service, and Pixel smartphones, but now the company is branching out with a new Pixel Watch. Featuring Wear OS 3.5 (the latest version) and the best of Google integrations like Google Maps for navigation and Google Wallet for contactless payments, Google’s first-ever smartwatch sounds promising for Android users.  Outdoor Ethernet Cable

Plus, Google acquired Fitbit last year, which means you can see all the popular fitness tracking features in the new Pixel Watch. The watch will monitor blood oxygen levels, count your steps and calories burned, and track your sleep patterns. You can also interact with Google Assistant for hands-free use. But to fully enjoy all these features, you need good battery life with quick and easy charging options — so you can guess one of the biggest questions on users’ minds.

Google promises an enhanced battery life with the Pixel Watch, and you get a USB-C magnetic charging cable included for free in the box. But unfortunately, there is no wall adapter for the charger. And you will need one considering the watch features just a 294mAh battery. You can buy a new charger or use an old one that’s compatible with USB-C charging cables. 

While this isn’t ideal, it’s similar to many other smartwatches sold today. The Apple Watch Series 8 and Galaxy Watch 5 also come with a charging cable, but just like the Pixel Watch, neither comes with a wall charger to use the cable with. It’s annoying, but it’s also a common trend in the modern wearable world. 

Any USB-C-compatible charger will connect with the USB-C magnetic charging cable that comes in the Pixel Watch box. If you already use Google Pixel products, you likely already have a compatible charger that you can use to charge your new Pixel Watch. If not, we recommend the following options. 

Using a company’s official products is always a good idea, so we suggest going for Google’s 30W USB-C Power Charger. At 30W, it isn’t the fastest one on the market, but it’s official, affordable, and gets the job done. Made of 50% post-consumer recycled material, it’s also slightly eco-friendly.

Spigen is one of the most well-known tech accessories brands, so you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality USB-C charger. This model offers two ports so you can charge two devices at once, making it ideal for family use. Note that if you charge one device, you get 30W charging, but if you charge two devices simultaneously, they charge at 20W each. 

Don’t restrict yourself to these options, though. You can find a good USB-C charger at any store today, so you’re sure to find something that fits within your budget and suits your needs. If you’re on a tight budget but still want to make the most out of the new Pixel Watch, you don’t even have to buy a new charger. If you’re an Android user with a USB-C smartphone, you can repurpose your phone’s charger to charge the Pixel Watch, and it’ll work just fine while saving you $25 to $40. 

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