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Opera Launches E-Commerce System in Europe

Posted February 17, 2021 | Opera | Web browsers | Windows

Opera announced today that it is launching in-browser e-commerce functionality with a cashback and payments solution and a standalone wallet app. It’s called Dify, and it will be available only in Europe.

“Every day, millions of people shop online and make their payments using Opera browsers.” Opera’s Krystian Kolondra says. “Opera has a track record of growing audiences and then improving their experiences to make them more engaging. We think this is one of the highest-potential areas: With Dify, we are making the browser and a superior wallet work better, together, to improve users’ shopping experience and also make it financially rewarding”.

According to Opera, Dify targets “a young, fast-growing set of power shoppers who could benefit from installing the Dify wallet app.” The Dify app provides free accounts, a free virtual MasterCard debit card, and cashback integration, whereby users receive e-commerce cashback for purchases made on partner websites accessed in the Opera browser. The browser will also gain a new shopping mode that protects users’ data while they’re shopping by disabling third-party extensions.

The Dify app and the cashback service are now available in Spain in beta, and Opera says that more European markets will follow in the future.

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