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Microsoft’s Purple Xbox One S Fortnite Console Leaks

Posted May 25, 2019 | Fortnite | Windows | Xbox | Xbox One | Xbox One S

Microsoft’s Fortnite Xbox One S console could be launching sometime soon. We first reported about the console back in January, and it seems like the console is now ready for launch.

WinFuture got their hands on the official renders for the console, and it’s no different from what we have seen before. The idea is that the console is inspired by Fortnite, so it features a full purple/dual-shade purple design, with a purple controller to go along with it. WinFuture reports that the console will come with a special Dark Vertex skin, and 2000 V-Bucks (the in-game currency on Fortnite).

And that’s really about it. Microsoft has done something really similar for Minecraft back in 2017, and it makes sense to do the same for Fortnite as it’s been incredibly popular over the last several months.

It’s not clear when Microsoft will launch the new Fortnite console, but considering E3 is coming up next month, that will probably the perfect time to launch the new console. Or Microsoft could just announce it through a blog post as well. We shall see.

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