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Microsoft Previews Its New Consumer-Focused Version of Teams

Posted March 30, 2020 | Cloud | Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Consumer Services | Microsoft Teams | Teams | Teams for Life | Windows

Microsoft today introduced the world to its new consumer-focused subscription of Microsoft 365. And along with the new subscription, Microsoft is introducing a new consumer-focused Teams app.

The new app includes features and experiences that are built for consumers for day-to-day use and works independently of the main Microsoft Teams app. It’s coming as a preview sometime this Summer, with a public launch expected later this Fall.

Microsoft is not revealing a lot of details on Teams for Life as of yet, but it’s part of the company’s new Microsoft 365 Personal & Family subscriptions. “Teams isn’t just for work. You can now stay connected across your life in the Teams mobile app,” says the company. The new app is focused on helping families stay organised, and lets you track live locations of where your family members are (With options to opt-out), and more.

You can also share information like passwords, reward numbers, and login information right from the app with your family and friends.

Those interested in the new Teams app can register their interest here, as Microsoft plans on starting a preview program soon.

The new Teams app obviously competes directly with Microsoft’s own Skype app, but Microsoft essentially didn’t mention anything about what’s going to happen with Skype.

The new Teams app coming at a time where the demand for video calling apps has experienced an unprecedented rise, so this launch will be very interesting.

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