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Living with a Laptop: Docking (Premium)

Posted August 11, 2020 | Hardware | HP | HP Envy 15 | Living with a Laptop | Living with... | Mobile | Paul | Premium | What I Use | Windows

Given my history and how much I write, I can’t work on just a laptop: The constrained and non-ergonomic keyboards on such PCs cause carpal tunnel-like stiffness that could develop into a real issue over time. So I need to connect an external mouse, keyboard, other peripherals, and a display, or at the very least, elevate the laptop’s built-in display so that it is at an ergonomically-correct angle. And that’s where things stood at the conclusion of the first article in the series.

The problem with my initial set-up is obvious, given the mess of cables, but I threw that together purely out of necessity: With my NUC destroyed by lightning, I needed to get some computer—any computer—up and running in its place, and do so as quickly as possible so as to avoid any downtime.

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