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Leak Reveals Google’s Android TV Streaming Device

Posted June 3, 2020 | Android | Android TV | Chromecast | Google | Sabrina | Windows

Google has been rumoured to be working on a new Android TV-powered streaming stick for a few months now. We first heard about the new device back in March, with a recent report from last month claiming the device will launch along with a new Android TV experience.

This week, the folks at XDA Developers are revealing some new imagery of Google’s new streaming stick, internally codenamed Sabrina. The report gives us our first look at the new streaming stick, as well as the new Android TV interface.

The pictures are apparently taken from a marketing video made by a Google designer back in October 2019. It is possible both the new Android TV interface and the streaming stick have gone through design changes since, but it seems kind of unlikely, given the sense of completeness in these leaked pictures.

The new streaming stick is expected to be the successor to Google’s Chromecast Ultra, so the design looks very much like a Chromecast device. It is, however, expected to have a Nest branding to be in line with the rest of Google’s smart home products.

From a design point of view, the device does not look like a traditional streaming stick, but it does have a very rounded and soft look. From the leaked pictures, it seems like the device will be available in black, white, and a light pink colour. The leak also gives us a look at the dedicated remote for the streaming stick, and it looks pretty bland, to be honest.

As for the Android TV interface, there are not a lot of major changes visually. However, the new interface focuses mainly on content instead of apps:

The pricing of the new streaming stick remains unknown. Google is expected to reveal new hardware sometime this summer, so it may not be long before we get to know the full details about the upcoming streaming stick.

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