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Intel: 9.4 Million Chromebooks Sold in Q3 2020

Posted January 11, 2021 | Chrome OS | Chromebook | Google | Hardware | Intel | Windows

Intel revealed today that hardware makers sold at least 9.4 million Chromebooks in Q3 2020, good for 122 percent growth year-over-year.

As you may recall, PC sales hit 73.1 million units in that quarter, thanks to what Gartner called the strongest consumer PC demand that it had seen in five years. But that 9.4 million figure, which presumably only counts Intel-based Chromebooks, is particularly impressive. By comparison, Apple, the fourth-biggest maker of computers, sold just 6.2 million Macs that quarter. So Chromebooks outsold the Mac by over one-third, and achieved 12.86 percent market share.

Intel has announced that new generation Pentium Silver and Celeron chipsets will be used in entry-level Chromebooks soon, offering 144 percent performance improvements on the platform, and adding support for Wi-Fi 6.

And looking forward, Intel says that we will see the first Chromebooks based on 11th-generation Core processors in early 2021, followed by the first premium Chromebooks with Intel Evo graphics and Thunderbolt ports.

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