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Google Updates Key Apps for iOS 15/iPadOS 15

Posted September 20, 2021 | Google | iOS | iPadOS | Mobile | Windows

Apple’s iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 aren’t dramatic visual or functional updates like their predecessors, but Google is ready on day one with some app updates that take advantage of the new features.

“iOS 15 is here, and with it, many new features to improve your favorite Google apps,” Google director Luke Wroblewski announced.

Key among the updates today are:

Focus mode support. Several Google apps have been updated for the new Focus mode in iOS 15. Focus mode won’t silence navigation notifications from Google Maps, for example, but less urgent or timely notifications will go directly to the Notification Center. Google says that Gmail, Home, Meet, Tasks, Maps, and many other apps will be updated for this feature in the weeks ahead.

Improved widgets on iPad. With iPad finally getting full support for widgets, Google is updating its widgets on that platform with extra-large versions for Google Photos and YouTube Music so that you can access your memories and favorite music, respectively, directly from the home screen without having to first open the apps.

YouTube Music support in Spotlight. Google Drive is already available in Spotlight, but with iOS 15, Google is also adding YouTube Music support so you can search for your favorite music in Spotlight and start playing it directly in YouTube Music.

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