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Google Acquires Neverware

Posted December 15, 2020 | Chrome OS | Chromebook | CloudReady | Neverware | Windows

Google has quietly acquired Neverware, the maker of CloudReady, a solution for bringing Chrome OS to older PCs.

“Neverware and CloudReady are now officially part of Google and the Chrome OS team,” Neverware’s Forrest Smith writes on the firm’s support website “We’re looking forward to sharing more details with all our CloudReady customers, users, and fans in the coming weeks and months.”

There are a few more details on the site. The most important, of course, deals with the fate of CloudReady. And that’s good news.

“CloudReady will continue to be available as-is, and we’re committed to supporting and maintaining existing customers,” the site notes. “Over the long term CloudReady will become an official Chrome OS offering, and existing customers will be upgraded seamlessly as that happens.”

Beyond that, there are no immediate changes to the product or how it’s supported, and those Google will continue to honor any previously-purchased multi-year licenses.

That is actually pretty exciting as, going forward, Google will for the first time officially support installing Chrome OS on third-party and/or used PC hardware.

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