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Chrome OS 88 Arrives

Posted January 26, 2021 | Chrome OS | Chromebook | Windows

Google is rolling out Chrome OS 88 this week, adding a faster web sign-in experience and personalized lock screens to the platform.

“We’re always finding ways to make using Chromebooks as seamless as possible,” Google’s Alexander Kuscher writes. “Today, with our latest Chrome OS release, we’re introducing a faster sign-in experience as well as personalized lock screens.”

Here’s what’s new.

Faster web sign-in experience. Thanks to a new Web Authentication (WebAuthn) feature, you can now securely sign-in to websites with the same PIN or fingerprint that you use to sign-in to Chrome OS. And if you use two-step verification to sign-in, the Chrome OS PIN or fingerprint ID can be used as the second factor too.

Personalized lock screen. Now, you can use the Chrome OS lock screen as if it were a Google Assistant-powered smart display, with a customized photo album, weather, music identification, and more. To configure this, open Chrome OS Settings and navigate to Personalization > Screen saver.

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