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Minecraft Boss Now Spearheads Microsoft’s Game Studios

Microsoft is promoting former Minecraft boss, Matt Booty, to oversee its game studios. As the company looks to expand its […]

Forza Horizon 3 Gets Native 4K Support for the Xbox One X

Microsoft’s Xbox One X launched with the release of Forza Motorsport 7, supporting native 4K from the get-go. As promised, […]

Microsoft’s Xbox Strategy is the Most Inspiring Story of 2017 (Premium)

Losing the console wars is the best thing that ever happened to Xbox and its fans. To access this post, […]

Nintendo Switch at 10 Million Units: What Does This Mean for Xbox? (Premium)

Nintendo announced today that it has sold 10 million Switch consoles in just 9 months. Yep. It’s time for some […]

Xbox One X Review: Game Changer

21 Nov 17 | Windows, Xbox One, Xbox One X

With the Xbox One X, Microsoft has seized the leadership position in video game consoles and embarrassed Sony’s half-hearted efforts. […]

First Week of Xbox One X Sales Beat PlayStation 4 Pro in the UK

Xbox One X has been making headlines ever since its first introduction back at E3 2016. The console was available […]

Tip: Transfer Games to Xbox One X Over Your Home Network

07 Nov 17 | Windows, Xbox One, Xbox One X

A few weeks back, I explained how Xbox One users can get up and running with a new Xbox One […]

Xbox One X Launches Worldwide

07 Nov 17 | Windows, Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox One X

Image credit: Microsoft Xbox One X, the first true 4K video game console, is launching worldwide today. Microsoft even got […]