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OnePlus Won’t Sell the Base Model 9 Pro in the U.S., Canada

Four months after it launched the OnePlus 9 series smartphones, OnePlus admitted that it won’t be bringing the base model […]

OnePlus Admits to Throttling Apps to Save Battery Life

OnePlus was found to be throttling apps to save battery life on its OnePlus 9 series handsets, triggering a new […]

OnePlus is Making OS, Support Lifecycle Changes

02 Jul 21 | Android, Mobile, OnePlus, Windows

In the wake of its announcement about OnePlus merging with Oppo, the firm revealed that it is merging their respective […]

OnePlus Reaches a Turning Point

18 Jun 21 | Android, OnePlus, Oppo, Windows

OnePlus builds some of the best smartphones available today, but the brand is still relatively unknown to many. That might […]

OnePlus 9 Series Review: Approaching Perfection

With its OnePlus 9 Series handsets, OnePlus has finally vaulted into the upper echelon of premium smartphones alongside Apple and […]

The Downgrade Test (Premium)

The Downgrade Test (Premium) – Premium Different people approach tech hardware and software reviews differently, and we all have […]

The OnePlus 9 Series is Now Available

Announced on March 23, the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro are now available for purchase, with a starting price […]

OnePlus 9 vs. OnePlus 9 Pro

You can save hundreds of dollars by choosing the OnePlus 9 instead of the OnePlus 9 Pro. But whether you […]