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Visual Studio Code Now Includes Built-In JavaScript Debugging

Extensibility is one of the key advantages of Visual Studio Code, but JavaScript debugging is so common that Microsoft now […]

JavaScript Turns 25

04 Dec 20 | Cloud, Dev, JavaScript, Windows

Netscape announced the initial release of the JavaScript web scripting language 25 years ago, on this day in 1995. “Netscape […]

Microsoft Offers a Free New JavaScript Course

09 Oct 20 | Dev, JavaScript, Windows

Microsoft this week announced a free new video course for beginners who wish to learn the JavaScript programming language. “JavaScript […]

Microsoft Releases TypeScript 4.0

21 Aug 20 | Dev, JavaScript, TypeScript, Windows

Microsoft has announced the release of TypeScript 4.0, the latest major version of its open-source superset of JavaScript. “TypeScript 4.0 […]

Learn to Code … with a Mobile App?

19 Apr 18 | Android, Dev, iOS, JavaScript, Mobile, Windows

A new app for Android and iOS promises to teach you basic JavaScript programming skills. Does it work? I’m not […]