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Huawei Sells Its Honor Smartphone Business

17 Nov 20 | Android, Honor, Huawei, Mobile, Windows

Huawei announced today that it is selling its Honor smartphone business to a consortium of 40 companies that will create […]

Qualcomm Can Now Sell 4G Chipsets to Huawei

In the first major scaling back of the U.S. blacklisting of Huawei, the U.S. government is now allowing Qualcomm to […]


17 Aug 20 | Android, Huawei, Mobile, Windows

Huawei’s limited extension to do business with U.S. businesses has expired, casting doubts about its ability to update its Android […]

Qualcomm Wants Huawei’s Phone Chipset Business

Mobile chipmaking giant Qualcomm has petitioned the U.S. government to let it provide smartphone chipsets to Huawei, the China-based telecommunications […]

Huawei to Halt Smartphone Chipset Production

09 Aug 20 | Android, Huawei, Mobile, Windows

Thanks to withering U.S. sanctions, smartphone giant Huawei this week said that it will have to halt production of its […]

Qualcomm Announces Financial Results, Huawei Agreement

30 Jul 20 | Apple, Huawei, Mobile, Qualcomm, Windows

Qualcomm announced that it earned a net income of $845 million on revenues of $4.9 billion for the quarter ending […]

Report: Huawei is Now “in a State of War”

Huawei Cloud Internet data center in Guizhou Province, China. Photo credit: Ou Dongqu/Xinhua/Zuma Press A new report says that Huawei […]

Huawei’s Plan for the U.S. Blacklisting? Hoarding

05 Jun 20 | Cloud, Hardware, Huawei, Mobile, Windows

A new report claims that Huawei has stockpiled up to two years’ worth of critical U.S.-based chipsets and components. The […]