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Google Offers Pixel 4a to Fi Subscribers for Just $216

Google Fi subscribers can add a Pixel 4a to their plan for just $216 and pay for it over two […]

Mozilla Says It Will Be Victimized by U.S. Action Against Google

Mozilla relies on Google for most if not all of its revenues, so the firm is predictably worried about the […]

Yes, Google is Abusing Its Search Monopoly (Premium)

20 Oct 20 | Google, Premium, Windows

Yes, Google is Abusing Its Search Monopoly (Premium) – Premium On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Justice and several […]

DOJ, 11 States Accuse Google of Antitrust Violations

20 Oct 20 | Cloud, Google, Windows

As expected, the U.S. Department of Justice today accused Google of abusing its monopoly power in online search. It was […]

Google Pixel 5 Suffers From Alarming Build Quality Problem

Here we go again. Another year. Another Pixel. And another problem. Is this the end of the line for Google’s […]

Google Releases Android Studio 4.1

12 Oct 20 | Android, Dev, Google, Mobile, Windows

Google announced the release of Android Studio 4.1, the latest version of its Android application development environment. “A major theme […]

EU Moves to Curb Market Power of Big Tech

A new report says that European Union regulators have drawn up a “hit list” of the 20 biggest tech companies […]

Android Sound Notifications Can Help Those with Hearing Loss

Google announced an interesting Android accessibility feature that provides push notifications when it detects sounds around you that might need […]